08 0CT 2014
Supercharging a Collaborative Workplace
Every organization needs collaboration among its employees for it to stay competitive in the market.

What makes a team and a company work is individual commitment to the efforts of a group.

Is the workplace getting dull? Colleagues not networking anymore? Read more to discover how to make the office a better place to work together.

Collaboration is nothing new. It has become increasingly important in the modern world as we are connected around the globe. The advancement of cloud computing and high speed internet connection have allowed collaboration all the more so.

At large corporations like Google, executives answer questions by employees on weekly meetings and they have company cafes that are designed to encourage staff to communicate within and across teams. Furthermore, a Disney-inspired headquarters in Menlo Park by Facebook is a campus for their employees. There are restaurants and shops available, a bike shop for them to rent bicycles to cycle to work. They are stationed in an open room with long tables and the buildings are equipped with garages for group hacking projects.

It might be too luxurious for a theme park themed workplace but the main objective is focusing on teamwork which is linked to business needs: well-networked employees who are part of an organization that carefully build collaboration are more innovative, quicker at solving problems and faster to respond to market shifts. All of these traits are competitive advantage that are hard to imitate.

Everyone lead busy personal lives and having another corporate event that is compulsory to attend adds up to the stress. Socializing with colleagues after working hours can open communication channels, create better understanding and break down the walls of distrust—all the factors that will greatly reduce stress levels. When co-workers do not associate with one other, departments can work alongside each other for a long time without actually knowing the members within the teams. This makes it easier for people to fixate on their differences than on what they have in common.

Outstanding collaboration efforts breathe life into legendary athletes. Take for example the German team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, they were unbeaten until the end where they clinched the trophy. This is due to great teamwork. The players sit together in the locker room to discuss the strategies and key plays that were used. Stories of great collaboration honour collective achievement whether it is told through video, newsletter or annual report. Rewarding collaborative teamwork and performances will send a strong message to everyone about the values driving the business.

Organisations are constantly looking for methods to share business interests and ideas among their co-workers. One method that is currently trending is through the deployment of a cloud-based enterprise social network. Employing an enterprise ‘Facebook’ has the potential to boost fellowship among co-workers and encourage knowledge-sharing between employees. According to research, employees who have the highest level of productivity have the most social connections and interactions. This is because job performance, creativity, decision-making, teamwork, leadership, negotiations and turnover are impacted by employees’ moods.

One such system that can make that all happen is Bitrix24. It is an online collaboration software that comprises of an internal social network, document management, CRM, calendaring, project and email management. It is in a form of cloud-hosted service that is also available on mobile devices so it allows outstation and travelling employees to stay connected regardless of location. They can update one another on projects, share internal resources and offer ideas to colleagues in a more relaxed environment. Socially connected staff are more prepared to work collaboratively and creating positive impact in addition to performing better.

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