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Transforming Career Transition
Malaysia Airlines’ 12-Point Restructuring Plan in 2014 called for a specialist organisation to plan and execute a robust career transition programme for planned exiting staff. That organisation launched in 2015 as Corporate Development Centre Malaysia. CDC approached InspireNow then to help them develop a custom

Applicant Tracking System

to navigate this issue efficiently.
In order to meet the project objectives, InspireNow needed to take a closer look at the reality of career transition and

talent management

. A strong platform for companies to view and communicate was just as essential as showing off the right points and strengths to enable sustainable growth and career stability of the members involved.

InspireNow began work on creating a platform that optimises the growth of the staff members while allowing for easy access and discoverability for outside companies to engage and actively communicate.

Utilising state-of-the-art UI planning alongside acquiring input from prospective companies allowed InspireNow to maximise the productivity of the system.

System Interface
On Your Desktop

Through our expert design and development, the system was built to be extremely convenient and fast for companies to view and engage the staff members, allowing for multiple filters, languages and levels of communications whilst also displaying the number of ways CDC enriches the existing skillset of these members.

Tracking report
User profile
System Interface
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