Be Personal. Be Lovable. Be Rewarding.

Customers come and go when it comes to retail. Some are more loyal, some aren't. Some knows you by first name basis, most don't. But what if you can make an expected transaction rewarding? What if doing so will, in return, help you grow your customer base?

Our Retail Loyalty System helps your business to be the bold, conversation-generating beacon that it can be. Connect with your customers to boost customer satisfaction. Express your gratitude for their loyalty through rewards and members-only promotions. Elevate their shopping experience, and the word will spread. Because acknowledged customers are returning customers.

Record Customer Data Easily
Build a database of your customers. Register their names, email addresses, or any detail you need to cater to their needs. With just a few keystrokes, you can find out how many of your customers are eligible for a birthday treat today.

Build Relationships with Your Customers
Stay connected with your members through promotions, new arrivals, exclusive events, and more.

Serve Even Better With Additional Features
InspireNow's Retail Loyalty System also caters to additional features that are unique to your business. Manage returns and warranty claims swiftly. Allow your customers to track their order status. Grant VIP members instant access to exclusive content. However innovative your strategy is, we can accommodate it.

When you need a trusted, reliable builder for software that provide effective solutions for your business, InspireNow is standing by to serve your needs.

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