Propelling the concept of sustainability to greater heights
SCP stands for Sustainable Consumption and Production. It is a way of life where the human population undertakes a proactive role in living a more sustainable lifestyle, minimiszing their footprint on the environment by positive behavioral changes related to their consumption and production.

The Ideals
A dynamic collaboration
The ministry of environment under the purview of the Prime Minister’s Office has been tasked together with the European Union (EU) to produce a web portal to disseminate information on the topic to the target community on sustainable practice and policies.
The Challenge
Setting a strong foundation
Various methods have been considered in the implementation of this portal. Everything from content structuring to visual appeal has been taken into consideration. The main challenge is to find a technology platform that not only supports such requirements, but ensures that security and policy are adhered to befitting a government portal such as SCP.
Enter InspireNow GIP
Reaching out to the audience
The Government Information Portal (GIP) developed from a Drupal core caters specifically to mass communication, boasting a wide spectrum of configurable features to fit specific requirements. Content publishers and managers have streamlined access to the system, ensuring that information reaches its audience in the most effective way.
The Experience
Building the experience as a team
Together with more than 25 stakeholders from both the Government and GLCs, SCP is on track to achieve its goal of being the one -stop portal on information related to sustainable practices for consumers as well as businesses. The information is seamlessly integrated in a well -designed, engaging layout with various interactive features.
A Robust Content Publishing Process
When great engineering and streamlined workflow come together
Having Drupal as the back bone to the portal ensures that SCP is highly secured, accessible and user-centric. Content managers can rapidly publish articles of interest into structured categories governed by a workflow system that ensures only moderated materials could successfully reach the production site.
Journey Ahead
Growth, as the only way forward
The SCP Portal is set to grow in the months or even years to come, with latest topics of interest to be added on a daily basis. As it enriches its database with more users, stronger analytics can be obtained to further understand and gauge the response of the public to the issues at hand.
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