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The Covid-19 pandemic has completely transformed the work landscape. Organizations are more cost-conscious than ever, and employees are constantly in search of multiple streams of income to counter the ever growing challenges of the economy. MakeTimePay is founded to address this critical need by helping members monetize their free time by matching their skills and interests to on-demand opportunities.
The team has been tasked to plan the entire framework for this solution; from the functional specifications to the seamless experience to ensure the platform delivers on its goals to users from all backgrounds and geographic location.
Utilizing our extensive experience in this area, we have successfully introduced a new and innovative way to represent on-demand tasks. By visually showcasing each tasks as a journey, users are able to better manage their day-to-day schedule and at the same time see what opportunities are available based on their free time.
System Interface
A Dashboard Made Just For You
The key highlight of MakeTimePay is the vibrant, inutitive and friendly interface. Starting with a dashboard that puts your need first; you are now able to view all the latest tasks on the platform, search for a specific task or a talent or switch to Work Mode for a more hands-on approach to all your currently running tasks.
System Interface
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